Our Studio - Norco, CA

The vision of Mommy’s First Peek was established in order to fufill a niche in the 3d/4d ultrasound industry. We wanted to create a ultrasound studio that is unlike other studios. Ultrasound Room

We at Mommy’s First Peek realize that the mother-to-be and her family are whom the experience revolves around.

We feel that is it important that mom and family feel welcome and are treated special. For this reason we have gone above and beyond when decorating our studio. We want the family to be able to come in and relax as they get to bond with their new little family member.

At Mommy’s First Peek, we want to do more than just your ultrasound scan; we want to create an experience that you and your family members will remember for a lifetime!

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Voluson 730 Pro We use the Samsung WS80A Elite Ultrasound for our customers. This state of the art unltrasound machine is known for its 3D and 4D HD Live imaging that helps you view your baby with clarity. The power of the Samsung WS80A Ultrasound System is designed specifically to provide extraordinary vision of your baby as you view your little bundle of joy more clearly.